If you’re here, we know you’re interested in helping others.  There are tons of volunteer opportunities, but we wanted to give you an even bigger way to help.

We’re helping to partner churches and local schools in Columbus together to provide one-on-one mentoring for local at-risk children. Curious about what that would look like?

It’s about being consistent. Having a safe adult who takes interest in their life and their dreams… is invaluable and can change the course of their future.  That’s why we’re asking churches to partner with us — to meet with a child just once a week for an hour, to mentor, encourage, and play with them.

That’s all it takes to change a life.  See more of what it’s like to be a mentor in the video below!

Want to get the ball rolling?

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you with more details specifically for you and your church or school!

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