What is LoveCbus and why should I care?


Great question. We’re kinda doing something a little different from the norm. It’s like a hybrid of a social media platform, a phone book (what is that again?) and a non-profit’s email database. All with the goal of helping people. Let us explain.

A local ministry received a generous donation — a networking database, built out but unused.  A few team members (hey, that’s us!) had this idea… what if we could polish this and use it to create a network of volunteers and a directory for people who need help?  So we got to work.


Well, it ended up on your screen, allowing you to do what we hope you will — volunteer or get the help you need.  We tested and created and signed up and messaged and met and designed and dreamed. And then we sent it out to non-profits asking them to use it — and now we’re asking you. It’s still run by the same handful of local people and it’s getting bigger everyday, as organizations post their needs, and people volunteer to help.  We couldn’t be more excited and proud of the people who are stepping up to LoveCbus.  It’s a dream we hope you’ll join.  See how below.

So how does it work?

We believe connection is the first step to changing our city.

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Change Columbus

With love, we'll make our city a better, healthier, more connected and people-oriented place.
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“Serving our community and loving others is my greatest joy in life. I wasn’t sure exactly where to start but the pull on my heart kept telling me to search. Being part of LoveCbus has provided me the opportunity to connect people with people, mentor others, and care for our city!”